Laboratory Equipment
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Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Equipment
» AA Spectrophotometer
» AE Spectrophotometer
» AF Spectrophotometer
» Autoclave
» Baths & Circulators
» Bioreactor
» Centrifuge
» CO2 Incubator
» Environmental Chamber
» Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer
» Freezers
» FTIR Spectrometer
» Fume Hoods
» Furnaces
» Gel Documentation Systems
» Ice Flakers
» Incubators
» Laminar Air Flow Chamber
» Microplate Readers
» Microplate Washer
» Ovens
» Particle Counter
» Particle Image Processor
» Particle Size Analyzer
» PCR Real time
» Pipettors
» Plant Growth Chamber
» Refractometer
» Safety Cabinets
» Shakers
» Shaking Incubator
» Spectrophotometer UV-Vis
» Thermal Cyclers
» Transilluminator
» Water Analysis Systems
» Water Purification System
» X-Ray Spectrometer
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Extensive resource for science and engineering.
We supply wide range of products for use in Hospital Disinfection and Laboratory Hygiene.
Portable turbidity, conductivity, pH and temperature meters plus oxygen sensors.
are a leading independent professional firm of environmental consultants offering services related to asbestos management, noise monitoring and contaminated land.
Sydasoft medical billing software for health care settings.
An Information resource for small businesses, business start-ups with sources to Catalogs and information packets of business related start-ups, mail order, home based, supplies, Drop ship Wholesale equipment and a gateway to business expansion tools.
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Division of Barloworld Scientific, world renowned manufacturer of Azlon plastic lab supplies, Sterilin plastic labware, Stuart benchtop science equipment, Carbolite furnaces, ovens, incubators, Techne and Jenway science instruments.
is resource for unit converters, conversion factors, measures and calculators.
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links to Look Directory resources and information websites.
Cadence Sales Group is a technical sales organization dedicated to delivering in-depth product expertise, proactive problem-solving and reliable after-sale service to companies in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries throughout the Eastern