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Laboratory equipment
Laboratory equipment Laboratory equipment  

Orbital/ Reciprocal Shakers– LGS Series
  • Brushless induction drive motors are maintenance-free and quiet even at high speeds.
  • Beltless system ensures low noise levels and is maintenance-free.
  • Allows up to 4 different programs within one run. Indispensable equipment for different and complicate task in laboratories.
  • The durable spring flask holder features a rubber plate to minimize noise and protects flasks against breakage.
  • The unit is designed to emit low noise levels at all operating speeds.
  • Speed and Timer settings can be input through an optional remote control device.

Technical Specification

Orbital/ Reciprocal Shakers– LGS 201 A

Orbital/ Reciprocal Shakers– LGS 201 B

Orbital/ Reciprocal Shakers– LGS 201 C

Orbital/ Reciprocal Shakers– LGS 201 D

Orbital/ Reciprocal Shakers– LGS 201 E

Orbital/ Reciprocal Shakers– LGS 202 A

Capacity 250ml x 9EA 250ml x 20EA 250ml x 40EA 250ml x 9EA 250ml x 9EA 250ml x 20EA
(WxDxH) mm
360x360x110 470x490x115 745x490x115 360x360x110 745x490x115 470x490x115
Max Speed 350 RPM
Min Speed 10 RPM
Motion                        Orbital Reciprocal
Controller Microprocessor Control
Programmability 4 step program -
Timer 99Hr. 59 min 999.9Hr
Display Back-light LCD Digital Display
Input Touchpad -
Drive System Belt less Direct Drive
Motor Brushless DC Motor
Noise Below 30dBA
Working Mode NormalDrive, Step drive, Frequency Drive,Delay Start - - -
Catalog No. 17110301 17110302 17110303 17110304 17110305 17110306
Orbital Shaker

  • Integrated Micro Processor digital feedback control provide precise temperature control.
  • Equipped with wait-off timer, alarm and inbuilt rpm calibration.
  • Feed back logical control system provides shaking speed accuracy within ±1 rpm up to 250 rpm.
  • Dual digital LED display provides PV & value and selection of temperature, speed and time display.
    Technical Specification

    Platform Size (mm) 500 x 500
    Shaking Control Speed / Stroke 60 ~ 250rpm / 20mm Orbital Motion
    Speed Controller Precise digital feedback microprocessor speed control
    Wait-off Timer mm:ss / hh:mm / Continuous selectable
    Sensor Tachometer
    Safety Device Electrical Electrical Leakage Breaker
    Dimensions (mm) Overall (W x D x H) 530 x 550 x 230
    Platform (W x D) 500 x 500
    External Material Steel 1T with Epoxy Powder Coating
    Catalog No. 17150101
    Optional Accessories
      Catalog No.
    Flask holder platform; Size adjustable from 200ml ~ 300ml x 20ea 17150111