Laboratory equipment
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Laboratory equipment
Laboratory equipment Laboratory equipment  
Multi Spin Shaker-LMSS Series
  • Brushless induction drive motors are maintenance-free and quiet even at high speeds.
  • Beltless system ensures low noise levels and is maintenance-free.
  • The unit is designed to emit low noise levels at all operating speeds.
  • Different speeds controller simultaneously.
  • Precise temperature controlling with PID temperature controller.
Technical Specification

Multi Spin Shaker-LMSS 8480 B

Multi Spin Shaker-LMSS 8480 A

Multi Spin Shaker-LMSS 8480 C

Multi Spin Shaker-LMSS 8480 D

Max Speed 350 RPM
Min Speed 10 RPM
Motion Orbital
Drive System Beltless Direct Drive
Motor Brushless DC Motor
Display Digital Display
Temp. Range 10°C to 60°C Ambient +5°C to 60°C 10°Cto 60°C
Shaker 4 Shakers 2Shaker 4Shakers 2Shakers 4Shakers
Dimension (WxDxH) mm Inner 650x700x1950 650x700x1000 650x700x1950 650x700x1000 650x700x820 x2Chamber
Outer 1370x800x1950 1370x800x1250 1370x800x1950 1370x800x1250 1370x800x2000
Capacity 250 ml x100 EA 250 ml x 50 EA 250 ml x 100 EA 250 ml x 50 EA 250 ml x 100 EA
Power 220V, 6.5A, 60Hz 220V, 6A, 60Hz 220V, 1.2A, 60Hz 220V, 1A, 60Hz 220V, 1.3A, 60Hz
Catalog no. 17110201 17110202 17110203 17110204 17110205