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Laboratory equipment
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Vertical Type Clean Benches LVT-003 Series

Vertical Type Clean Bench are effectively used to provide product protection from airborne particulate matter. Air filtration system works efficiently to draw air through the pre-filter on top, forced through the blower, then through the HEPA filter and finally through diffuser. As they do not provide protection to the user, they should not be used in conjunction with biohazardous materials or toxins. They are applicable in work related to plant tissue culture; media plate preparation, electronics inspection, medical device assembly and pharmacy drug preparation.


Features :
  • LCD Micro Processor Control : Simply control by touch and monitor them by back-ligbt digital LCD display.
  • HEPA Filters : HEPA(High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters keep worktop clean. Pre-filters remove dust and
    particulates to extend life of HEPA filters.
  • Vertical Air Flow type : Clean air flows from ceiling to bottom vertically, and this equip is fitted to normal work.
  • Quiet, Vibration-free operation : 10 steps adjustable blowers. Low noise levels even the highest speed.
Technical Specification
Model No

Vertical Type Clean Benche LVT-003 A

Vertical Type Clean Benche LVT-003 B

Dimension [IN] 1230 X 600 X 700[H]mm 1800 X 600 X 700[H] mm
Dimension [OUT] 1300 X 840 X 1850[H]mm 1880 X 840 X 1850[H]mm
Main Control Full Digital Microprocessor Control with Touch Pad
Winding Velocity 0.3 - 0.5m/sec
Velocity control 10 stage
Purity Class 100
Display Back Light LCD Digital display ( Speed, UV, Light, Used hour )
Main Filter HEPA filter / 0.3 micron 99.99% efficiency
Pre filter Nylon material
Material Working table : Stainless steel SUS304
Cabinet : Steel plate with powder coating
Illumination 40W Fluorescent Lamp x 2EA
UVG Lamp 40W x 2 EA
Noise Level (dbh) 63
Timer Electronic Digital Timer, 99min. or Hold
Utility Outlet, Gas faucet, Vacuum faucet, Hour meter
Door Sliding glass door, Tempered Safety Glass
Catalog No. 24110301 24110302