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LeCycler -1000 Thermal Cyclers
Labnics offers highly sensitive, economical and reliable LeCycler-1000 Series Thermal Cyclers ideal and critical protocols as well as low to high throughput PCR and sequencing applications. It is provided with advanced Peltier technology to deliver accurate ramping rate at effective cost. It is also provided with better thermal uniformity and small footprint. The sophisticated lid design of LeCycler-1000 Series contributes to the excellent performance allowing oil-free operations. The use of Peltier thermo-electronic (TE) module ensures excellent performance control, which makes the instrument available for many experiments which involves temperature programming and control. deal for the optimization of sensitive.

Features :
  • Compact design with exceptional performance
  • Interchangeable sample block system.
  • Special Peltier technology module designed for repeated cycling longevity.
  • Menu-driven software allows easy viewing, editing and execution of protocols.
  • Memory capacity storage: 99 programs.
  • Ramping rate, temperature and hold time can be programmed for each segment to suit a specific PCR method.
  • Power-failure protection will resume the program after power interruptions.
  • Compact design with exceptional performance
Technical Specification
Model LeCycler -1000 Thermal Cyclers TC ELITE 516 LeCycler -1000 Thermal Cyclers TC ELITE 1225
Sample Capacity 16 x 0.5ml 25 x 0.2ml 96 x 0.2ml 48 x 0.5ml 48 x 0.2ml
Temperature Range 4°C to 99°C
Heating Rate(Max.) ≥3.0°C/sec
Cooling Rate(Max.) ≥2.0°C/sec
Block Temp. Accuracy ≤±0.4°C
Block Temp. Uniformity ≤±0.4°C
Temp. of Hot lid 105°C
Program Storage 99 files
Display 20 x 2 LCD
Power Supply 200VA 600VA
Dimensions (LxWxH) 285 x 218 x 178 (mm)3 400 x 270 x 240 (mm)3
Net Weight 3.2 kg 9 kg
Catalog No. 110V/60Hz 1210101101 1210101102 1210102101 1210102102 1210102103
Catalog No.220V/50Hz 1210101201 1210101202 1210102201 1210102202 1210102203