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Laboratory equipment
Laboratory equipment Laboratory equipment  

Clean Air Ovens LCO Series
  • HEPA filtration system.
  • Precision temperature control upto a maximum temperature of 250°C.
  • Digital PID Controller enables 0.1°C resolution and control.
  • Over temperature protection, alarm, auto-tuning, temperature adjustment.
  • Filtered air blow back to front circulates laminar flow.
  • Two fan heater and unique design for homogeneous temperature from top to         bottom.

Technical Specification & Ordering Information :
Model No.

Clean Air Oven LCO 150T

Clean Air Oven LCO 300 T

Clean Air Oven LCO 1200T

Chamber Volume
(Capacity) ( L )
150 300 1200

Heating Type Forced Convection
Range(°C) Ambient 10 ~ 250
Accuracy + 2.0°C at 120°C (150 Liters volume)
Uniformity ± 1.0°C at 120°C (150 Liters volume)
Main Controller Digital PID Programmable Controller 10 segment 999 cycle or continuous
Wait-off Timer mm: ss /hh: mm / Continuous Selectable
Sensor (Ω) Pt 100
Safety Device
Temperature Hydraulic Over Protection, Temperature Protection Safety Device
Electrical Electrical leakage breaker
Inner(W x D x H ) 600 x 500 x 500. 600 x 500 x 1000 1000 x 1000 x 1200
Outer(W x D x H ) 810 x 980 x 1240. 810 x 980 x 1640 1210 x 1485 x 1940
HEPA Filter High temp class 100 HEPA Filter.
0.3 µm Particle Removal 99.97%
Internal Stainless Steel Polished (SUS 304)
External Steel with epoxy powder Coating
Insulation Mineral Wool 50 mm/w Woven aluminium barrier
Door Gasket Temperature Resistant foamed silicone rubber
Catalog No. 08150201 08150202 08150203