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Water Quality Reagent Case - LWQC
• Water quality reagent case is especially designed for testing Ammonia Nitrogen,
• ChromiumVI and cyanide water with the instrument. It contains pipette, Tubes holder,
• Colorimetric tubes, thermometer, cyanide reagent, ammonia nitrogen reagent,
• ChromiumVI reagent, pH reagent etc.

Model No.

Item Quantity
Pipette 1
Cyanide testing reagent No.1 1
Cyanide testing reagent No.2 1
Cyanide testing reagent No.3 1
Chloramines-CAT 6
Ammonia nitrogen testing reagent No.1 1
Ammonia nitrogen testing reagent No.2 1
Chromium VI reagent No.1 1
Chromium VI reagent No.2 1
Waste bottle of chromium VI/
Ammonia nitrogen/cyanide
Centrifuge tubes (4tips, and 2 burettes) 6
pH reagent No.1 1
pH reagent No.2 1
15 holes test tube holders 1
Waste bottle 1
Beaker 1
Colorimetric tube 8
Thermometer 1
Pipette (2ml) 1
Pipette (10ml) 1
Ear syringe 1
pH paper 1
Graduated flask (100ml) 1
Tips 4
Burette 2
Case 1
Catalog No. 31740569

Water quality Measurement Solutions

Item Ammonia nitrogen determination; Chromium vi determination, Cyanide determination
Complete Set Main unit Water quality regent case Preprocessing case for water sample Reagents
Ammonia nitrogen regent package 50cs/box
Chromium VI reagent package reagent 50pcs/box
Cyanide reagent package 50pcs/box
Method (Ammonia Nitrogen testing procedures) (Chromium VI testing procedures) (Cyanide testing procedures)