Laboratory Equipment
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Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Equipment
» AA Spectrophotometer
» AE Spectrophotometer
» AF Spectrophotometer
» Autoclave
» Baths & Circulators
» Bioreactor
» Centrifuge
» CO2 Incubator
» Environmental Chamber
» Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer
» Freezers
» FTIR Spectrometer
» Fume Hoods
» Furnaces
» Gel Documentation Systems
» Ice Flakers
» Incubators
» Laminar Air Flow Chamber
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» Microplate Washer
» Ovens
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» Particle Image Processor
» Particle Size Analyzer
» PCR Real time
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» Plant Growth Chamber
» Refractometer
» Safety Cabinets
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» Shaking Incubator
» Spectrophotometer UV-Vis
» Thermal Cyclers
» Transilluminator
» Water Analysis Systems
» Water Purification System
» X-Ray Spectrometer
Water Analysis Systems
 COD Dedicated Testing Case-LCDC
 Portable Spectrophotometer-LPS 100
 Pre-Processing Case-LPPC
 Water Quality Reagent Case-LWQC
Sea Water Testing Case-LSWC

Sea water testing case contain needle filter, COD testing reagent, Ammonia nitrogen testing reagent, Nitrite testing reagent, Nitrate testing reagent, Inorganic phosphor testing reagent case. It can also be used with constant temperature heater, Centrifuge rectifying device and circulator etc.

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