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Post-Column Derivatization System
Optimized HPLC system offers the complete package of chemicals, columns, methods and post-column systems and reflects the ease of use, reliability and ruggedness.
Aminoglycoside Antibiotics, Amino Acids, Biogenic Amines, Bromate, Carbamate Pesticides, Chromium VI, Formaldehyde, Glyphosate Herbicide, Guanidinos, Hexosamines, Mycotoxins, Paralytic Shellfish Toxins, Paraquat & Diquat, Polyphospates/Phosphonates, Polyether Antibiotics, Sulfa Drugs, Transition/Rare, Earth Metals, Vitamins B1, B6, and more
- Powerful Software Control
- Electronic Syringe Pump & Valve
- Flexible Reactor
- Column Heater Fast & Stable
- Usability Design
- Special Columns & Chemistries

Specifications of LPCD series

Reagent Pump
Pulse free syringe pump
- Single piece ceramic barrel
- Programmable flow rate
- Flow range : 30 - 1500 µl/min
- Automatic piston wash
- Automatic reagent flush
Catalog No.47630331

- Heated reactor :
Easy replacement coil
- Thermal safety switch
Catalog No.47630332

Column Heater
- Temperature Programmable
- Easy Column access
Catalog No. 47630333

- In line check valve :
prevent reagent back flow
- Replaceable column &
reagent filters
- Post column system over pressure
- Back pressure regulator : prevent
detector noise
Catalog No. 47630334
Post-Column LPCD-A Derivatization Instrument

Low-pulsation metering pumps and state of the art flow conditioners provide cleaner readings than other post-column systems, allowing the consistent detection of low concentrations of analytes with extreme specificity and the highest degree of sensitivity, stability and reproducibility.
- No computer required for operation
- Positive displacement reciprocating pumps
- State of the art pulse dampening system
- Precision heated reactor
- Software-controlled pump flow rates
- Low pulsation precision metering pumps
Catalog No. 47630335
Auto Sampler LAS-1
[ Cost effective autosampler with great performance]
Many samples require refrigeration to keep them stable and many lab's require instruments with a small footprint because bench space is expensive. The Basic Marathon offers both. The compact size of the standard unit remains unchanged when the thermoelectric (Peltier) cooling device is installed inside its cabinet. With 96 vial capacity and vial volume up to 5 µl this autosampler is really a small giant.
- Precision : flushed loop injections: RSD < 0.5%, partial loop - filling : RSD < 1%
- Carry over : < 0.2%, using wash between injections.
- Replicate injections : Up to 9
- Tray capacity : Standard : 96 vials of 1.8 ml, in 4 removable segments
Catalog No. 47630336
Model No. Catalog No.
LO-HPLC 47630301