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Laboratory equipment
Laboratory equipment Laboratory equipment  

Portable Spectrophotometer :LPS-100
  • Powerful functions.
  • Meets various requirements.
  • Compact and user friendly.
  • Special design for field measurements.
  • Real time testing.
  • Unique Touch Screen.
  • Optics : Flat field holographic concave grating high diffractions efficiency & wide spectral range.
  • Photo Diode Array (PDA) Detector :
      - Multichannel simultaneous scanning rapid measurement, full range spectrum scanning within 0.005  secs.
  • Fiber Optic Probe :
       - Anti-corrosive fiber optics probe can be directly put into the sample, full range spectrum scanning  within 0.005 secs.

Technical Specification
Model No.

Portable Spectrophotometer LPS-100

Light Source Convergence tungsten lamp: the service fill is over 5000 hours External high source transmission deuterium lamp; both Deuterium lamp & the tungsten can be independently controlled
Measurement Mode Dedicated modules for water quality measurement, spectrum scanning, peak
picking, quantitative determination, kinetics, photometric measurement
Measuring Part Immersed fiber optic probe.10mm path length
Power Supply Built in rechargeable battery provide power for all day work
(car power supply optional)
Operation System Embedded system, intergrated memorizer 2M-flash with timing function
320 x 240 dots touch display screen, with backlight
Wavelength range 380 nm - 800 nm
Data resolution 0.6 nm
Spectral band width 4 ± 1 nm
Wavelength accuracy <1.0 nm
Wavelength reproducibility
Baseline flatness ± 0.005 Abs
Noise ± 0.003 Abs
Integration time 0.005 s - 25 s
Scanning speed >4200 nm/s
Measurement accuracy ± 2%
Dimensions 215 x 185 x 70 mm
Environment temperature Operation environment 0-40 °C
Preservation environment 0-50 °C
Catalog No. 31740501