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Laboratory Equipment
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Plant Growth Chamber

LGC Series of Growth Chambers are ideal for agriculture or biotechnology testing growth of plants in an artificial climatic condition. It controls temperature, relative humidity and illumination. The wide variety of temperatures and light intensity patterns that are essential in plant research can now be accurately reproduced and controlled with the updated range by Plant Growth Chambers.

Features :
  • Digital PID Controls Temperature, Humidity and Illumination.
  • 11 Segments, 999 Cycles Programmable or Continuous Operation.
  • Accurate temperature control by ±0.1°C accuracy and ±0.5°C uniformity.
  • Humidity Control from 30 ~ 98 % RH by ± 3 % RH accuracy.
  • Illumination from 0 ~ 20,000 Lux by 6 to 8 Steps of gradation (Option Max. 40,000 Lux).
  • Maximum and uniform light distribution through the chamber.
  • 3-Line back light LCD displays operating status and easy-to-input program pattern.
  • Water level controller automatically supply and stop water for humidity control.
  • Over temperature protection, low water level alarm, electrical leakage breaker.
Technical Specification
Model No

Plant Growth Chamber–LGC 420C

Chamber Volume (Capacity) 432 L
Temperature Heating Type Forced convection by silent coaxial fan
Range + 5°C~ 60°C (without illumination)
Accuracy ± 0.1°C at 20°C
Uniformity ± 0.8°C at 20°C
Humidity Humidifier type Water boiler with immersed incolony sheath heater
Range 30% ~98% RH (Altitude less than 2,000 m)
Accuracy ± 3.0% at 60%
Uniformity ± 6.0% at 60%
Illumination Illumination type Fluorescent lamp from 3-side light bank
Range 0~20,000 Lux (40,000 Lux Optional)
Control steps 6 steps
Feature Lamp-on-delay function by 1 minute of interval
Control Main controller Digital programmable microprocessor PID controller
Program 11 Segment,999 cycle or continuous
Sensor Pt 100 Ω for temperature/Electronic sensor for humidity/Lux meter for illumination
Safety device Temperature Hydraulic over temperature protection /Low water level warning & cut-off
Electrical Electrical leakage breaker
(W x D x H) mm
Inner 600 x 600 x 1200
Outer 790 x 875 x 1980
Clearance 800 x 885 x 1990
Material Chamber 1.0 Gauge stainless steel polished (SUS 304)
External Steel 1T with epoxy powder coating
Door Internal tempered safety glass door and external door with magnetic packing
Utility Water Inlet/Water outlet/Over flow /Drain.
Catalog No. 28150102
Product Name Model Catalog Qty Unit Price
Plant Growth Chamber LGC-420C 28150102 Call for Price
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