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Particle Counters

Particle Counters LPC-10 Series
Designed with computer and advanced technology
  • Traditional design with measuring unit, computer and oscillograph.
  • Advance pulse measurement technology, more than 8000 channels.

  • Replace the traditional mercury manometer
  • It is replaced with a pressure sensor, provides more accurate measurement and control of degree of vacuum, and higher automation.

Auto de-clogging function
  • Proprietary photoelectric liquid level detection technology makes the volume measurement more accurate and reliable.


Technical Specification & Ordering Information :
Model No.

Particle Counters LPC-10 B

Particle Counters LPC-10 A

Measuring Range (μm) 1-256
Repeatability (%) < 2
Measurement Duration (sec) 15
No. of Channels 300 output: 8,000 internal
Computer Requirement PC running Windows 98, 2000,Me or XP, Serial interface None required: all computer functions, fully integrated into system
Temperature (°C) 10-30
Humidity (%) <85
Electrical Requirement 220 V AC, 50-60 Hz
(L x W x H) mm
600 x 380 x 450
Catalog No. 29290501 29290502
Software Function
• Four Statistical Modes: Based on volume, particle, area and particle number.
• Two Accumulative Directions.; Small to Large ;Large to small.
• Report Items can be selected according to customers requirements.
• Data Can be Replicated.

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