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Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Equipment
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PCR Real time

  • Volume adaptation: Software automatically adjusts heat exchange according to differences in     sample volumes.
  • New multipoint temperature monitoring allows more accurate and uniform temperature     control throughout the heating block.
  • Gradient function: Creates a temperature gradient across the sample block.
  • Sample preservation: After completion of experiment, the system can automatically     refrigerate samples until they are moved to storage.
  • Use of direct current power supply improves thermal efficiency and reduces power     consumption by 30%.
  • Improved optics: Greater efficiency in fiber optic system provides reduced signal to noise     ratio.
  • Automatic hot lid: Provides constant pressure and software-managed temperature control.
  • Configuration upgradable: Manual version of the instrument can be upgraded to automatic.     Systems can be upgraded from 1 wavelength to 4 wavelengths.
  • Numerous data ports: USB and Ethernet connections for PC data interface.
  • Multiple tube styles the sample block will accept several styles of 0.2ml tubes including 8-    tube strips.
  • Data protection system preserves experimental data if there is a power interruption during     operation.
  • Automatic amplitude adjustment the instrument detects the fluorescence strength in the     samples and automatically adjusts to the correct system sensitivity.
  • New software new generation software provides even greater convenience and more     powerful functions.
  • Upload software instructions define experiment instructions with easy-to-use PC-based     software, and then upload to instrument.
  • Overheating protection if the operating environment exceeds the temperature range for     operation within specification, the instrument will shut down.


Technical Specification

PCR : Real time LRT PCR 02

Sample Capacity 48×0.2ml
Reaction System 10~100μl
Dynamics Range 10~1010 Copies
Max. Channel Number of Fluorescence Detection 2 Channels
Excitation Light Wave length(450-590mm) Standard Positioning: F1:470nm F2:523nm
Fluorescence Detecting
Wavelength (500-630nm)
Standard Positioning: F1:525nm F2:564nm
Detecting Fluorescence FAM,SYBR Green I, HEX
Lead Operation Manual
Temp. Range 4°~99.9°C
Heating Rate (Max) ≥ 4.0°C/sec
Cooling Rate ≥ 4.0°C/sec
Temp. Uniformity of Block ≤ ±0.3°C
Temp. Control Accuracy ≤ ±0.1°C
Gradient Temp. Range 1°C~24°C
Hot-lid Temp. Range 80°C~120°C
Operation System Windows 2000/XP
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz 500W
Dimension (L x W x H) mm 520 × 450 × 320
Net Weight 25Kg
Operating Manual
Catalog no. 45210102
Product Name Model Catalog Qty Unit Price
PCR Real time LRT-PCR02 45210102 Call for Price
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