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Microbore HPLC
HPLC analysis of small molecules contained with a protein matrix can be a difficult and time consuming task. The analysis often involves multi-step pretreatment procedures including centrifugation, extraction and filtration. Regisís RAM(Random Access Media) HPLC allows for the HPLC resolution of small molecules in the presence of much larger analytes without extensive sample pretreatment. With RAM direct injection HPLC columns, a variety of complex sample matrices can be injected directly, without sample clean-up, and drugs, drug metabolites, and other analytes can be separated and detected in minutes.

• RAM Direct Injection Advantages

- Elimination of multiple sample pretreatment steps: Such as precipitation, centrifugation,solvent    evaporation and residue dissolution steps. Simply filter samples and inject directly on    to the    column.
- Useful with a variety of sample matrices: Such as plasma, serum, whole blood, urine, plant and    tissue extract.
- Compatibility with automated sample processing: Allows the use of automated HPLC system
- Reduction of potentially dangerous sample handling: By elimination of multiple sample treatment    steps.
- Reduction of biohazardous waste: Compared with SPE sample preparation
- The low cost solution: By simple sample preparation, just requires filtering

There are two RAM Direct Injection Technologies:
- ISRP (Internal Surface Reverse Phase) such as GFF and GFF II for drugs, their metabolites and the    resolution of peptides
Catalog No. 47630771

- SPS (Semi-Permeable Surface) such as Nitrile, Octyl C8, ODS C18 and Phenyl for analytical   separation
Catalog No. 47630772



• Narrow Bore Gradient Pump

Pump Head Volume : 25 µl x 2
Operating Pressure (psi) : 5000
Flow Range (ml/min) : 0.01 - 6.25
Flow Path Material : PEEK, Sapphire, Zirconium
in-line Filter (micron) : 2

Catalog No. 47630773

• Narrow Bore UV Vis Detector :
Wavelength Range : 190 - 900 nm
Path length (mm) : 5
Cell Volume ( ) : 6
Tubing (ID) : 0.007 "
Cell Pressure (psi) : > 1500
Flow Path Material : PEEK, Teflon, Sapphire

Catalog No. : 47630774
• Analysis Automation

Narrow bore HPLC with the RAM technology provides the best solution for automated separation of small molecules contained in the protein matrices. In the RAM column the smaller molecules are retained and concentrated, while most of the larger molecules are passed to waste. A stronger mobile phase is then used to elute the analytes onto a second column-often octadecylsilyl(ODS)-where they are separated and analyzed. Recent column switching work involves the use of short RAM guard columns. The guard column is used to separate the analytes from the matrix before switching to an analytical column is an inexpensive and simpler alternative to Solid Phase Extraction (SPE).

Catalog No. 47630775

Model No. Catalog No.
LM-HPLC 47630701