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Particle Size Analyzers

Particle Size Analyzers LPSA Series

» LPSA-10

Easy to operate: After selecting "Start" the system leads the user through the measurement process from loading sample, beam alignment, background measurement, obscuration adjustment through measurement, reporting and finally system cleaning. The complete measurement process including reporting is fully automated. Self diagnostic function is standard.
Prior set-up of measurement modes: Key parameters for measurement of particular samples such as refractive index, distribution mode, concentration, ultrasonic duration, circulating speed & sampling duration can be preset. Sample measurement is just a question of selecting the pre-set mode and loading the sample leading to highly repeatable results.
Range of easy-to-change sample feeders for different measurements: Including standard, small volume and acid proof systems.

» LPSA-20 Series

Measure forward scattered light: Adding of back scattered light detectors, extends the lower limit of measurement.
Full scale measurement: No need to change lens. High performance price ratio.
Shockproof pinhole design and auto alignment of detectors: With built-in ultrasonic in the circulating sample feeding system for Whole range measurement without changing the lens, convenient to use.

» LPSA-30

It is used to measure fog drops: Its structure can be changed according to the requirements. A Fourrier Lens with different focal length can be used to change the measuring range.

» LPSA-40 Series

Dry and wet dispersion methods: Dry method dispersion avoids the physical and chemical change of samples that might appear in wet dispersion. Economic and environment friendly since no dispersing agent or medium is needed.
High accuracy with two patents adopted: Whole range of measurement without changing the lens, convenient to use. With special parameters designed for Cement industry such as SSA, fineness, R-parameter and percentage of particles over a certain diameter.

Technical Specification & Ordering Information :

Particle Size Analyzers LPSA 20A

Particle Size Analyzers LPSA 20 B

Particle Size Analyzers LPSA 20 C

Particle Size Analyzers LPSA 20 D

Measuring Range (μm) 0.1 ~ 500 0.2 ~ 500 0.1 ~ 500 0.05 ~ 500 4.5 ~ 1500 0.5 ~ 300 1 ~ 1000
Sample Wet dispersion Dry & Wet dispersion Wet dispersion
Repeatability (%) <3 (monodispersive particles)
Measurement Duration (min) 2-3 1-2 2-3
No. of Detectors 54 32 39 53 32 40
Light Source He-Ne laser, 2 mW,0.6328 μm
Temperature (ºC) 5-35
Humidity (%) < 85
Reports Particle size distribution table & graph, Average Diameter, Median Diameter, SSA, etc.
Operating Manual - - - - - -
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