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Laboratory equipment
Laboratory equipment Laboratory equipment  

Transgel Blotters-LTB Series
  • Integrated cooling base for temperature control.
  • Stable chamber cover for safe working with no risk of electrical shock.
  • Attached power lead with safety contacts and a length of 1m for maximum working safety     and flexibility.
  • Side handle for easy removal of cover.
  • Water cooled base which cools the gels with the help of flow-through water of a cooling     circulator.
  • An open square grid design for the cassettes provides a maximum area for the transfer and    is strong enough to maintain a firm contact between the gel and the transfer membrane.


Technical Specification
Model No. Transgel Blotter-LTB 100

Transgel Blotter-LTB 100

Standard Components Tank with cooling system
lid with attached power chords
4 Cassettes (10 x 10) cm
4 Sets of 2 Fiber pads
Tank with cooling system
lid with attached power chords
2 Cassettes (20 x 20) cm
2 Sets of 2 Fiber pads
Gel Size (cm) 10 x 10 20 x 20
Buffer Volume (ml) 1300 3000
Number of Provided Cassettes 4 2
Maximum Gel Capacity  4 Gels (10 x 10) cm 2 Gels (20 x 20) cm
Maximum Operating Current 2A (With cooling circulator)
Suggested Power Supplies LPS-35, LPS-22 LPS-22
Catalog No. 12220501 12220502


Optional Accessories:
Items Catalog No.
LTB-100 Cassette with 2 blocking pads 12220551
Fiber Pads (x4) 12220552
LTB-200 Cassette with 2 blocking pads 12220553
Fiber Pads (x4) 12220554