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Semidry Blotters-LSB Series
  • Completely removable lid and flat base with small footprint.
  • Very robust construction of base unit and lid for long life use.
  • Stable knobs fitting on the screws mounted on the lower base unit.
  • Very uniform pressure distribution and uniform transfer over the whole transfer area.
  • Resistant stainless steel cathode and platinum plated titanium anode for maximum transfer    efficiency.
  • Special lid construction to prevent reverse orientation of electric field.
  • Gold plated contact for increased durability.


    Technical Specification
    Model No. Semidry Blotters-LSB 100

    Semidry Blotters-LSB 200

    Standard Components Lid with stainless-steel cathode,
    Base with Platinum/Titanium anode
    Separate and protected power chords
    3 Easy to tight knobs
    Electrodes Surface (cm) 11 x 11 20 x 20
    Buffer Volume (ml) About 50
    Maximum Gel Size (cm) 10 x 10 20 x 20 or 4 gels 10 x 10
    Maximum Operating Current 3mA/cm²
    Suggested Power Supplies  LPS-34, LPS-35 LPS-22
    Catalog No. 12220701 12220702