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Particle Image Processor

Particle Image Processor - LPIP-10 Series

. Measuring Range: 0.5μm-3000μm
. Repeatability: 3% (D50 of monodisperse particles)

Specification and General Description of all Models

Software Function
  • Three statistical modes: based on volume, quantity, area.
  • Two equivalent principles: equivalent area, equivalent shot diameter.
  • Two accumulative directions: small to large, large to small.
  • Report items can be set/selected according to customers' requirements.
  • Focus indication window.


Suited to observe and analyze particle size, shape of abrasives, coating powders, non-ferrous minerals, chemical reagents, fillings, etc. It can provide particle size distributions of different equivalent principles (equivalent area, equivalent shot diameter ) and you can directly observe size distribution range, existence of oversize or small particles, etc.

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