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Laboratory equipment
Laboratory equipment Laboratory equipment  

Isoelectric Focussing System LIF 100
  • Large ceramic cooling plate 270 x 270mm.
  • Printed grid to measure migration rates.
  • Electrode frame with easy to position electrodes.
  • Electrodes easy to tension and replace.


Technical Specification
Model No. Isoelectric  Focussing System  LIF 100

Standard Components Running Tank, Cooling plate, Glass Electrode Frame and Electrodes
Unit Dimension (W x L x H) cm 37.5 x 40.5 x 10
Cooling Plate Size (mm) 270 x 270
Running Buffer Volume 600ml per chamber
Suggested power supply  LPS-303 - 3000volt - 300mA - 300watt, Timer and Integrator
Catalog No. 12220401


Optional Accessories:
Items Catalog No.
Cooling plate 12220441
Glass electrode furnace 12220442
Cathode electrode 12220443
Anode electrode 12220444