Laboratory equipment
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Laboratory equipment
Laboratory equipment Laboratory equipment  

Autoclaves LAC Series
  • Vertical loading with service basket.
  • Digital PID controller precisely controls the set temperature within 0.5°C and sterilization    time in min: sec.
  • Dual LED displays current temperature and set temperature or remaining time    simultaneously.
  • Stainless steel interior lid and top to protect from corrosion by water and steam.
  • Incolony heating element provides long life, resistant corrosion and high temperature in     repeated use.
  • Triple safety feature for over temperature and pressure.
  • For sterilization of bacteria, microorganism and virus with steamed hot air usually at 121°C,    1.2kgf/cm2.
  • Sterilzation for laboratory ware needs being sterilized as flasks, bottles, pipets animal cages    & Plastic ware broth or agar media for bacterial cultural or disposal of biohazard wastes such    as syringe, cloth gloves or petridishes.

Technical Specification
Model No

Autoclaves LAC 40

Autoclaves LAC 60

Autoclaves LAC 80

Autoclaves LAC 100 CL

Chamber Volume (Capacity)( L) 40 60 80 100
Temperature Heating Type Direct heating by stainless steel incolony heater
Range Upto 123.0 °C
Accuracy ± 0.5°C at 121°C
Uniformity ± 2.0°C at 121°C
Heat up Time (min) Approx. 25
Heater (KW) 2 3 4 5
Control Main Controller Digital PID controller with timer & auto tuning
Wait off Timer mm: ss /hh: mm /continuous selectable
Sensor Pt 100Ω
Safety Device Temperature Hydraulic over temperature protection safety device
Electrical Electrical leakage breaker
Pressure Mechanical over pressure safety valve
Dimensions( mm) Inner(W x H) 300 x 620 350 x 620 400 x 620 450 x 620
Outer(W x D x H) 620 x 460 x 950 670 x 510 x 990 710 x 550 x 990 760 x 600 x 990
Usable(W x H) 280 x 600 330 x 600 380 x 600 430 x 600
Basket(W x H) 280 x 290 330 x 290 380 x 290 430 x 290
Basket Type Stainless Steel perforated basket
No. of basket 2
Max. basket load 2
Plug Type European 220VAC STD plug
3p plug
Catalog No. 07150101 07150102 07150103 07150104