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Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer LAAS-810
    Dual light source and dual atomizers, a unique integrated structure design with a high degree of user friendliness.
    Parallel flame and graphite furnace atomizer, without mechanical movements and changeover, ensuring long time stability and reliability.
    Adopting constant magnetic field, transverse Zeeman background correction device for both flame and graphite furnace analysis, with super powerful dual atomizer high background correction capability over the whole wavelength range.
    Multiple shielding technology successfully decreases magnetic interference.
    Automatic 8 x 2 lamp turrets, automatic adjustment of lamp current and optimize of light beam position.
    Automatic wavelength scanning and peak picking.
    Automatic spectral bandwidth changing.
    Automatic changeover between flame and graphite furnace operation, automatic ignition and automatic gas flow setting.
    Newly designed graphite furnace and its power supply system with ultra-rapid heating, super long time stability and super high power efficiency.
    Intelligent fully automated sampler, with automatic working curve generation, automatic tracing and correction of liquid surface height in the sample vessel, automatic long term memorizing of the sampling probe position.
    Convenient, friendly and reliable AAS software under Windows XP operation system.
    Quick setting, automatic adjustment and automatic optimization of instrument parameters.
    User selectable analytical report formats.


Technical Specification

Model No.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer LAAS-810