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Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Equipment
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Gel Documentation Systems

  • Safety door switch.
  • Multi power source.
  • Multi focus area selection.
  • Accurate observation from front view window and TFT screen.
  • Convenient accesses on both the sides for gel operation.
  • No need of EtBR filter while using with 312 nm UV transilluminator.
  • Auto Focus.


Technical Specification

Standard Components
  Compact Digimage System, Including : 8.0 mega pixel digital camera, camera adaptor,
8” TFT colour screen, chamber, 1GB memory card, Multi-card reader and 1 close up lens
UV transilluminator 254 and 365nm
Catalog No. 13380104
Technical Specifications 
Chamber Multi-power Source for camera Inner light lamp, TFT Screen
Inner White Lamp 2 tubes
Safety Door Switch Automatic shut down of UV while opening operation door
Chamber Dimension 290(W) x 220(D) x 320(H)mm
Chamber Construction Material Painted metal
Unit Weight 20.2kg
Camera Effective Pixels 8.0 million
CCD 2/3'' high-density; total 8.31 million
Max. Field of View 29 x 22cm
Lens 8x Optical zoom 8.9 ~ 71.2mm
Image Resolution 640 x 480 up to 3264 x 2448
F/-number f/2.8 ~ f/4.2
File Format RAW, TIFF-RGB, JEPG, Quick Time for movie and WAV for sound
Auto Focus Contract-detect through-the-lens (TTL) AF with AF-assist illuminator
Focus-area Selection Five-area multi AF, manual selection available
Filter 55mm Ethidium bromide (optional)
8'' TFT Screen Resolution 640 x 480 Pixels (1920 x 480 dots)
Brightness 400NIT
Contrast Ratio 440:1
Display Mode NTSC-PAL mode switchable
Input Video and audio
UV Transilluminator Filter Size 20 x 20cm
  EtBr Filter Equipped 6 Tubes
Components Catalog No.
Close up lens EtBr filter 13380111
Close up lens 13380112
Syber green filter 13380113
Product Name Model Catalog Qty Unit Price
Gel Documentation Systems LUVDI-254&365 13380104 Call for Price
For any queries contact or call (877)620-9992 x 2