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Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Equipment
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FTIR Spectrometer

Unique cube-corner Michelson interferometer features not only small size and compact structure but also higher stability and less sensitive     to vibrations and thermal variations compared with conventional Michelson interferometer.
• The application of programmable gain amplifier, high accuracy A/D converter and embedded computer improves the accuracy and     reliability of the whole system.
• Compatible PC control with user friendly, rich function software enables easy, convenient and flexible operation. Spectrum collect,     spectrum conversion, spectrum collect, spectrum conversion, spectrum processing, spectrum analyzing, and spectrum output function etc.     can be performed.
• The sampling compartment is wide enough for various accessories.
Technical Specification

Model No.


Items Catalog No.
Diffuse/Specular Reflectance 33260111
Horizontal ATR 33260112
Variable angle ATR 33260113
Gas cell 33260114
Liquid cell 33260115
KBr hydraulic press 15T (including die set) 33260116
Spare die set the hydraulic press 33260117
Mortar and pestle 50 33260118
Mortar and pestle 70 33260119
KBr Window plate 30×5 33260121
CaF2 Window plate 30×5 33260122
BaF2 Window plate 30×5 33260123
KBr powder spectroscopic grade (10g/bottle) 33260124
KBr powder spectroscopic grade (25g/bottle) 33260125
KBr power analytical grade (100g/bottle) 33260126
Product Name Model Catalog Qty Unit Price
FTIR Spectrometer LFIS-520 33260102 Call for Price
LFIS-520 Diffuse/Specular Reflectance 33260111 Call for Price
LFIS-520 Horizontal ATR 33260112 Call for Price
LFIS-520 Variable angle ATR 33260113 Call for Price
LFIS-520 Gas cell 33260114 Call for Price
LFIS-520 Liquid cell 33260115 Call for Price
LFIS-520 KBr hydraulic 33260116 Call for Price
LFIS-520 Spare die set 33260117 Call for Price
LFIS-520 Mortar and pestle 50 33260118 Call for Price
LFIS-520 Mortar and pestle 70 33260119 Call for Price
LFIS-520 KBr Window 33260121 Call for Price
LFIS-520 CaF2 Window 33260122 Call for Price
LFIS-520 KBr powder 10g 33260124 Call for Price
LFIS-520 KBr powder 25g 33260125 Call for Price
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