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Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Equipment
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The Photobioreactors are used for precise phototrophic cultivation of algae and cyanobacteria. They feature a unique combination of the cultivator and monitoring device. Light power and spectral composition as well as the temperature and aeration gas composition can be set with a high accuracy. The illumination unit can be removed easily prior to sterilisation and then clicked back into position following the procedure.

Technical Specification :

Autoclavable Photobioreacters – PBR 500 C


Capacity 7L
Vessel GLASS 
Material of Cover SUS316L
Working Volume 60-70%
Sterilization Autoclave
Temperature +5 -60°C
Light Arrangement Yes
pH 2-12
DO 0-150 ±3% digital display in 0.1% increment
Antifoam PID ON/OFF control with a pump
Light Upgrade To increases intensity of actinic light up to 2500 μmol photons m-2 s-1
Turbidostat Peristaltic pump and controller to stabilize suspension optical density 
O2 To measure concentration of dissolved gases 
pH Sensor To monitor pH of the solution in the bioreactor
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