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Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer–LAAS 990
    Fully Automated and Innovative design, with the flame and graphite furnace integrated into one instrument.
    Motorized 8 hollow cathode lamp turret with two methods of background correction.
    Spectral bandwidth is automated & available with a choice of 5 slit sizes.
    Advanced Graphite Furnace:
    The unique design of the graphite furnace reduces the chemical interference and memory effects and leads to uniform heating of the graphite electrode. The computer controlled heating program allows the user to select the best heating program for the analysis. The optical temperature during the atomization stage ensures the rapid heating and rapid analysis. This helps to extend the life of the graphite tube and enhances analytical accuracy.
    Proven Safety Features:
    The flame conditions are continuously monitored and should the flow rates change an audible alarm sounds. The pressure of the support gas (oxidant) is monitored constantly. If the pressure changes then the flow of the fuel gas will be stopped and the flame will be safely extinguished. A sensor monitors the level of liquid in the drain and will prevent ignition if too low. The flame will also be extinguished if the level of liquid in the drain, changes significantly, the argon pressure for the graphite furnace is constantly monitored and should it change, the heating cycle for the graphite electrode will immediately cease and the graphite electrode will be de energized. Cooling water flow rates for the graphite furnace are also Monitored for changes and should Changes occur the heating program will cease. If the graphite tube should fracture during the heating program, the heating will ceasethe ignition of the flame is computerized controlled and the various safety Interlocks offer a very safe Operating system.

Technical Specification:

Model No.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer–LAAS 990

Main Specification Wavelength Range 190 - 900 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ± 0.25 nm
Wavelength Repeatabilty 0.15 nm
Resolution 2μg/ml Cu gives approximately 0.38 Abs
Baseline Stability 0.005A/ 30 min 0.005A/ 30 min
Background Correction Deuterium lamp1.0Abs
Self Reversal 1.0 Abs
Optical System Monochromator Czerny - Turner Configuration Single Beam
Spectral Bandwidth 0.1nm, 0.2 nm,0.4 nm,1.0 nm,2.0 nm
5 steps with automatic changeover
Flame Analysis Sensitivity (Cu) 0.03 ug /ml/1%
Burner Head Titanium alloy burner
Nebulizer High efficiency glass nebulizer
Atomization Chamber Corrosion resistant material
Position Adjustment Automatic changeover of Flame and Furnace,
Automatic setting of optimum height for Flame burner
Automatic ignition and of mixing air - acetylene gas with
safety control
Graphite Furnace Analysis Character Value ( Cd) 0.5 pg
Temperature Range Ambient - 2650 °C
Heating Voltage feedback control when drying and ashing,
optical temperature control when atomizing
Heating Program Upto 9 steps with choices of ramp, temperature increase and full
power heating
Data Processing Analytical Method Flame, Graphite furnace and Hydride
Determination Methods Calibration curves using 1st, 2nd and 3rd order of fit,
standard addition method
Repetitions 1-20 with calculations of average, SD and RSD
Mainframe Light Source 8 hollow cathode lamp turrets with 2 simultaneously lit ,
one lamp pre heated
Dimensions (LxWxH) cm Main frame 110 x 50 x 45
Graphite furnace 50 cm x 50 cm x 45 cm
Catalog No. 35740101


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