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Laboratory Equipment
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AF Spectrophotometer

Environmental protection type-LAFS 100
  • Techniques with independent intellectual property.
  • Environmental protection type Atomic Fluorescence Spectrophotometer with "High efficiency Hg-elimination Technique" can decontaminate Hg pollution in lab environment efficiently and protect analyst’s health.
  • Determination of Hg, As, Sb, Bi, Se, Te, Pb, Sn, Ge, Zn and Cd.
  • Quartz atomizer with "full-ceramics infrared heating temperature control" technique has super long lifetime.
  • “Low-temperature atomic Argon-Hydrogen flame auto-ignition" can improve the analysis sensitivity of elements to be determined and reduce memory effect in large degree.
  • Advanced spraying jet type hydride /vapor generation gas-liquid separation system and automatic waste liquid discharge.
  • Standard RS-232 port communication; supporting USB interface communication.
  • The newest special device of "Gaseous Mercury Determination", the detection limit of which reaches 1ng/m , can determine Hg content in the air, natural gas, lab and working field etc.
  • The newest special device with special technology, "Determination of Ultra-trace Hg in Water Samples" is adopted, with detection limit up to 0.0004 μg/l, realizing direct determination of ultra-trace Hg in Class I and II ground water and sea water.
  • Realize two or three elements determination simultaneously.
  • Newly designed light closed optical alignment system is adopted.
  • Gas line auto-control, auto-protection and auto-alarm functions incorporated.


  • Fluorescence signal profile real-time display and overlap.
  • Graphics scale auto zooming.
  • Working curve auto fitting, multi-graphics display.
  • Multi-functions of single-step running, continuous running and auto- sampling operation.
  • All kinds of analysis program, analysis data and signal graphics can be stored and printed out.
  • Several kinds of report format are available.
  • Expert system provides physical parameters of various elements, preparation of standard solutions, sample preparations and interference elimination.
Technical Specification
As, Sb, Bi, Se, Te, Pb and Sn. < 0.03 μg/L 1% 103
 Hg < 0.003 μg/L  
 Cd < 0.001 μg/L  
 Zn < 2.0 μg/L  
 Ge < 0.3 μg/L  
 Hg in gas state (air, natural gas, lab, testing site etc) < 1.0 ng/m3 5% 102
 Hg in water sample (Sea water, surface water etc) < 0.0004 μg/L 2%  
 Operating Manuals Atomic Fluorescence Spectro LAFS-100
 Catalog No. 32260101
Accessories Catalog No.
 Special Device for gaseous mercury determination 32260111
 Special device for ultra-trace Hg determination 32260112
 AS-10 Autosampler 32260113
 Special AF Lamp 32260114
 KBH4 (Content more than 98%) 32260115
Product Name Model Catalog Qty Unit Price
AF Spectrophotometer Environmental protection type-LAFS 100 32260101 Call for Price
Environmental protection type-LAFS 100 LAFS-100-SPL-GAS 32260111 Call for Price
Environmental protection type-LAFS 100 LAFS-100-SPL-ULTRA 32260112 Call for Price
Environmental protection type-LAFS 100 LAFS-100-AS-10 32260113 Call for Price
Environmental protection type-LAFS 100 LAFS-100-SPL-LAMP 32260114 Call for Price
Environmental protection type-LAFS 100 LAFS-100-KBH 32260115 Call for Price
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